The Medium's Session

Zeitgeist Gallery is pleased to present The Medium's Session, a group exhibition curated Nashville-based artist, Patrick DeGuira.

The Medium's Session brings together a diverse group of artists who engage a conversation between the logical and the periphery of the unknown.

The exhibition's title refers to the notions of the medium as a material and the medium as a channel, while the word session is derived from the word séance, which acts as a commentary on the devoted activity of art making.

Together, the works in this exhibition present an astute mix of post-minimalism, abstraction, and scientific realism that renders austere meditations on materiality and modes of consciousness.

July 13 through August 31, 2013


Emily Clayton/ nashville
Kevin Cooley/ los angeles
Adam Henry/ nyc
Ron Lambert/ nashville
Phillip Andrew Lewis/ chattanooga
Reuben Lorch Miller/ nyc
Chris Roberson/ nashville
Chris Scarborough/ nashville
Brent Stewart/ nashville
Lars Strandh/ oslo
Frances Trombly/ Miami