Patrick DeGuira



Conceptual in nature, Patrick DeGuira’s work is intended to be meditative and carried out with minimal means. He works in a broad range of materials and forms, including installation and sculpture, photography, research and observation, video, writing, sound-based recordings and performance. His work evolves from ideas such as holism, temporality, perception and phenomena, nature, and fragility. Connected to his studio process, he maintains a practice that encompasses curating, teaching, collaborative based projects, and public speaking engagements.

Patrick DeGuira received his BFA from Memphis College of Art, attended the New York Studio Residency Program, and holds an MFA from Vermont College of Fine Arts. 
He has exhibited his work nationally and internationally.




Land Derived Sentiments: Poems and Responses

Underground Again

Past Life Memories


Shade Models

Isolation Drills

Exhibit Your Symptom

When past becomes afterwards


Art on the Edge

Out of Our Minds

Presence of Mind I

Presence of Mind II

Pressing Pause


The Correspondence Project

The Love/Death Thing

When past becomes afterwards

Zeitgeist Gallery Print Portfolio 2008

zeitgeist on paper

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 The Medium's Session

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