Geography Lessons

Zeitgeist welcomes San Francisco-based artist Ward Schumaker.  An award winning designer and illustrator, Schumaker's fine art work is being featured in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Nashville and Shanghai. Ward Schumaker assembled a selection of his Geography Lessons works on paper and handmade/hand bound books for his second solo show at Zeitgeist, offering a platform for free association with thought and emotion. Visit Those familiar with Schumaker's work will immediately recognize his light, deft touch with inks and skeins of delicate washes. Works on paper mounted to birch along with three handmade books, express graceful eastern sensibilities mixing abstract passages with hand stenciled phrases and geographic references. Ward and his wife,Vivienne Flesher, an internationally recognized artist and illustrator in her own right, will be here for the reception which follows his O K Harris New York opening, October 29th. Ward Schmaker's design and illustration work has been featured in The Washington Post, the San Francisco Chronice, and The New York Times and Hermès, Paris, and Deutsche Grammophon.  Visit to view Ward's illustrated memoir of Gertrude Stein.


ward schumaker

November 3 through December 17, 2011