Sonnenzimmer on Round w Flat w Sound

"Round w Flat w Sound" is a kinetic sculpture that explores the discrepancies of digital representation and reality. By mirroring a static digital image with its in-the-round counterpart, we aim to subtly make aware the differences and similarities of these two very real matrices. On screen, the image never changes, but the digital interface begs for movement and audience interaction. Try to interact or wait for a change and you will be disappointed. The physical installation, on the other hand, is full of movement—the beach ball slowly deflates and the record spins and repeats, due to its imbeded sculptural qualities. The floating record player, precariously balanced, transmits sound to adjacent quilt through an FM signal and a hidden radio. In doing so, the installation engages curiosity in a similar fashion to the digital image, as sources are obscured and abstracted. “Round w Flat w Sound” is a quilt. “Round w Flat w Sound” is a house track. “Round w Flat w Sound” features a one of a kind sculptural record. “Round w Flat w Sound” deflates. “Round w Flat w Sound” is static.

“Round w Flat w Sound” is documented with a limited edition publication called “Round w Flat w Sound Collated”. The publication features a screen-printed poster that incorporates elements of the installation and its creation as well as a flexi record of the original song heard in the work.