Trace Element

In this exhibit Trace Element, Lars Strandh takes a very open approach to his painting process. Layers and layers of thinly applied associated hues come together as skeins of unified color. Strandh talks about his work in terms of physical aspects, paint applied to linen supported by a wooden structure and also about the works’ overall effect; the “atmospheric quality in the painted fields.

"It is possible to lose oneself in the spacious areas suggestive of water and air. The illusion is within reach for anyone willing to see it." Per Gunnar Tverbakk

Lars Strandh exhibits widely throughout Europe including recent shows in Oslo, Munich, Zürich, Stockholm, and New York. He is a native of Gothenburg, Sweden and is based in Oslo.  Strandh is very much looking forward to a return trip to Nashville for the opening of this show.


March 1 - April 26, 2014

opening reception March 1 5:30-9


Lars Strandh