Terry Rowlett

I have always been drawn to works of art that posses a strange and mysterious, yet beautiful quality. These works are often melancholy in nature. "Is there any hope for salvation?" these pictures seem to ask. Or do they suggest that maybe we do not need salvation to experience a good and meaningful life?

I, likewise, infuse these questions and mysteries into my own work, in my attempt to find meaning.

I see my paintings as poetic statements about the conflicts that humans wage within themselves and also upon the outer landscape of the world. References to the history of painting, the way the human figure has been used to carry a particular message, and the craft of painting are very important.

1995 Master of Fine Arts, Painting and Drawing, The University of Georgia, Athens

1991 Bachelor of Fine Arts, The University of Arkansas

Terry Rowlett is an Arkansas native who is splitting time between Nashville, Athens, Georgia, and New York City. His alegorical figures, commenting on contemporary society have been featured in galleries across the US and in publications such as Spin, Harper's, and Juxtapose Magazines.



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