Right to Assemble (second installment) 

Zeitgeist is pleased to announce the second of three summer ensemble exhibition, Right to Assemble. The June, July and August gallery installations will feature luminaries from the Nashville artist studio/university/independent scene; some you have heard of and others just under the radar. The gallery feels strongly about continuing its tradition of opening the gallery in the summer months to group shows featuring artists that cut across the boundaries of the contemporary, visual art industry. In addition to pursuing commercial gallery careers, these artists can be found showing in alternative-artists spaces, university galleries, and museums.

Featured artists in July:
Derek Cote
Todd McDaniel
Kristi Hargrove
Andrew Smaldone
Ruth Zelanski

Derek Cote recently moved to Nashville and holds degrees from Western Washington University, Virginia Commonwealth University, and University of New Mexico, Albuquerque. He recently showed large scale sculpture/installation at the Renaissance Center in Dickson, TN. He is currently teaching sculpture at Watkins College of art.

Todd McDaniel, has been a long time fixture in Nashville and has been living and working in New York City. He is making small abstract paintings with a colorful, architectural bend.

Kristi Hargrove is a long time Nashville-based artist and teacher whose latest work continues her exploration and deconstruction of graphite on paper. The works blend realistic images with abstract passages while making a sculptural landscape of the works by digging into and removing layers of the surface.

Andrew Smaldone is a Nashville native and Montgomery Bell Academy graduate who is living and working in Florence, Italy. He is currently teaching painting at Santa Reparata International School there and is the Italian art correspondent for Art Review based in London. His latest paintings incorporate minimal abstraction and architectural elements of the historic city he currently lives in.

Ruth Zelanski is a photographer whose current images contrast dramatic scale changes; sweeping landscapes with intimate portrait and interior elements. Her work was recently featured in a show at Gallery F. on the Scarritt Bennett campus.


Todd Mcdaniel 

July 1 through July 31, 2010