Right to Assemble 

Zeitgeist is pleased to announce the first of three summer ensemble exhibition, Right to Assemble. The June, July and August gallery installations will feature luminaries from the Nashville artist studio/university/independent scene; some you have heard of and others just under the radar. The gallery feels strongly about continuing its tradition of opening the gallery in the summer months to group shows featuring artists that cut across the boundaries of the contemporary visual art industry. In addition to pursuing commercial gallery careers, these artists can be found showing in alternative-artists spaces, university galleries, and museums.

Featured artists in June:
Nicole Baumann
Mark Bynon
Shannon Clark
Joe Saunders
Patrick Schlafer

Nicole Baumann recently moved to Nashville and has BFA and MFA degrees from Virginia Commonwealth University. She is working in small images and sculptures arranged into larger wall ensembles. Many have seen her work in a recent Gallery F show that featured a piano “attacked” by flowers.

Mark Bynon, who recently moved from Nashville to North Carolina, is a native of Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK. His latest wall mounted sculptures of plywood and laminate deconstruct and abstract logos and elements of graphic design.

Shannon Clark is a photographer that originally hails from Franklin, TN and has just moved back from years in Atlanta. His latest series of large format photos feature very formal still-lifes (or rather portraits) of unexploded fireworks.

Joe Saunders is a Hendersonville, TN native teaching middle school art in Joelton, TN. His predominantly monochromatic painting on paper is reminiscent of late period Guston yet with an eye toward the architectural. His work has a deceptively simple quality and has been championed by luminaries in the “concrete painting” community that favor the materials used over the image.

Patrick Schlafer, is a recent graduate of David Lipscomb University whose recent painting riffs on the Leipzig school of contemporary German painters that incorporate traditional forms of representation and elements of abstraction.

June 3 through June 26, 2010