Reconciling/Sara La 

        Zeitgeist is pleased to present new work from Sara La. Sara is a Nashville-based painter and graduate of Savannah College of Art and Design. Personal iconography (strange and unsettling) and familiar elements are combined in an effort to explore meaning and relationships close to the artist and at the same time, establish a dialogue to tap into the personal experience of the viewer. The figurative, landscape, and still-life elements in the new canvases expose themselves to show interior workings and states of being that are understood emotionally, but rationally cannot be explained. Through the paintings, she hopes to establish a connection with viewers that goes beyond language.

"We sometimes project our own traits onto objects, animals or places in an effort to understand the things that elude our understanding. We sometimes create stories, imagine histories and craft elaborate connections to better recognize, accept and reconcile with our fears, dreams and natures. These tendencies can be both comforting and scary, allowing us to reveal ourselves or further slip into denial. Interesting associations can form as we negotiate our own emotional responses."

As a stalwart of the independent artist scene in Nashville, many may remember her work from the Illuminate show and the Gambit exhibition series. This is Sara’s second solo show at Zeitgeist.

December 2 through December 31, 2010