Paul Collins


I am a diarist artist and I use my daily experiences as a jumping off point for discussing the world. Trouble at work? Let’s start there and make a drawing and sketch the problem out in space… I create a range of objects, from paintings and drawings to sculpture and installations. Regardless of media, each work aims to articulate meaning through its image as well as the rigor and process of its becoming. I try to combine humor, tactility and observation to examine the world around me. Within each piece I make I try to use materials to set up a narrative dynamic where disparate elements come into contact: either 2 bodies in paint, 2 sides of a coin, or 2 physical masses in collision. My greatest asset in examining and establishing narrative is the choice of material and the drawn line: Their combination gives these stories their humor, specificity and energy.

Most of all, I love the chemical power of human interaction, and my favorite subjects are the most common: humor, hustle, married life, crazy babies, employment, coping, jealousy and trouble. Every piece I make involves a person - a human tale - and a collision of that dream vessel with the currents of living.