new landscapes

For her first solo exhibition at Zeitgeist, Nashville-based painter Megan Lightell presents large scale landscapes inspired by a recent cross-country trip she took with her family.

Lightell's work centers on our complex and mysterious relationship to the environment. Distilled elements of sky and horizon-line dominate canvases providing both pictorial passages descriptive of the rolling hills and tree stands of the Ohio Valley and open vistas found west of the Mississippi.    abstract brush work provides a more open platform for the viewer's contemplation and association.
According to the artist:

Where we live speaks volumes about who we are and what we value.  Living in one place for a period of time enables us to know it intimately, to feel the rhythms of the seasons.  A place can become such a part of us that we take its images with us even when we leave.

There is an eternity present in the land that was here before we were, and will continue in its cycles long after we are gone.

Megan Lightell earned a BFA from the School of Visual Arts in New York and her work is featured in galleries and public, private, and corporate collections across the US.  Megan’s work was recently acquired by the FirstBank Tennessee/Ayres Art of Community collection.


Megan Lightell

April 5 through May 19, 2012