James Perrin

My paintings are translations of visual and non-visual influences synthesized into images that take form from various aspects of nature, contemporary art and art history, music, literature, science, religion, personal relationships, and anything that affects me directly and indirectly consciously and unconsciously.

I paint with the intent to bring into existence images which I only could make through a process of intuitive technical and formal choices. I draw from previous paintings and drawings, combine them with current influences, and strive to communicate aspects of my experiences that go beyond the possibility of verbal communication. I seek to make images that validate themselves in the context of contemporary culture and art history.

I let intuitive impulses guide me through the painting process. I listen to marks I put down rather than dictate an idea onto the canvas. I see ideas as a catapult for images not the momentum. I don’t chain my paintings to specific ideas anymore than I would chain myself to a springboard, but draw from anything I believe will benefit and aid in the completion of a powerful image.

Boston University, Boston, MA 1999-2001
Master of Fine Arts in painting

American University, Washington, D.C. Fall 1998
Study for MFA in Perugia, Italy

Kansas City Art Institute, Kansas City, MO 1993-1997 Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting