Indeterminacies: Stan Link, David Maddox

Zeitgeist and AIA present a new season of creative dialogue: Indeterminacies with Stan Link and David Wood at Zeitgeist  Tuesday March 15 6-8pm

Zeitgeist and AIA Middle Tennessee's Spring 2011 Indeterminacies series premiers with composer Stan Link and moderator and general Ghost in the Machine, David Maddox who will present a music performance and discussion program. Please bring short written texts as patrons will be asked to contribute during the performance.

Stan Link is a composer and Associate Professor of the Philosophy and Analysis of Music in the Composition and Theory department of the Blair School of Music. He brings to Indeterminacies an original composition titled Toda la Tierra for guitar, voice, and electronics along with other works. Critical writer, musician, and aesthetician David Maddox will join Stan to ask compelling questions of the composer and audience and explore ideas presented in the work.

Dr. Link holds degrees from Oberlin (B.M.) and Princeton (MFA, Ph.D.). He has studied with Steve Mackey and Claudio Spies (among others), received the ASCAP composition prize and a Charlotte Elizabeth Proctor Fellowship, and has contributed to the publications Perspectives of New Music, Music Theory Spectrum, Mikropolyphonie, and American Music.

David Maddox is a writer and musician based in Nashville, TN. and continues to write about art for a couple of publications, and hosted the Perambulating the Bounds blog for material that doesn't quite fit into the format or schedules of those publications, and to range a little farther afield.

Visit Indeterminacies on Facebook for a complete calendar of events, photos, and video. The title Indeterminacies, is taken from a John Cage idea of processes whose outcome is not predetermined. The event will begin at 6:00 pm. There is no charge.

The gallery will be open until 8 pm.

Like last year's Oblique Strategies discussion series, Indeterminacies strives to change how we see art and architecture by refracting it through the lens of other related or completely unrelated disciplines.

Tuesday March 1, 2011