I’d Leave the Whole World Round

For our first exhibition in our new space,  516 Hagan St., Zeitgeist is pleased to present "I’d Leave the Whole World Round", new work from Sewanee, Tennessee-based artist Greg Pond. Using high and low technologies Pond produces sculpture, sound, and printed images made from software, 3D printed objects, electronics, and handcrafted materials. "I’d Leave the Whole World Round" involves themes of utopian aspirations, self-imposed exile, incongruities within the built environment, wanderlust, and fantasies of foreign exoticism. His art practice involves sculpture, sound installation and performance, video, documentary, electronics, and programming.

Greg is interested in cultural attitudes towards landscape and the pursuit of utopia (no place). It is the landscape that largely influences our collective mythology and cultures. He compresses histories and cultures, alters the pace of time, and distorts physical scale to portray a psychological rather than a social or material realism. To be able to see beyond predetermined standards and to reach conclusions drawn from the diversity of experience is the gift of creative and associative thought. Pond conveys his ideas through unexpected combinations of images and media and seeks to engage the viewer in ways that are physical and phenomenological. He imposes specific formal and/or temporal compositions that are intended to offset usual associations with the subject matter.

Greg Pond is a graduate of The University of the South, Sewanee and earned his MFA from The University of Georgia. He is currently on faculty at The University of the South, Sewanee and has been awarded Tennessee State Individual Artist grant, is a recent Kennedy Fellow at the University of the South, and has been an artist in residence at the F+F School of Art in Zurich and the Burren College of Art in Ireland. Greg also works as an independent writer, curator, and lecturer with recent projects and events hosted by the Egyptian Ministry of Culture, Fivemyles Gallery in Brooklyn, Delta Axis in Memphis, the Frist and Cheekwood Museums of Art in Nashville.
Zeitgeist is located in Wedgewood/Houston. For more information, please contact Lain York or Janice Zeitlin at 256-4805 or visit the gallery at zeitgeist-art.com and on Facebook.


May 10 through June 8, 2013


greg pond