I Thought Our Worlds Were the Same 

Zeitgeist Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of I Thought Our Worlds were the Same, a project organized by Nashville-based photographer Caroline Allison and architect Nick Dryden.  This exhibition brings together a varied group of artists from across the country whose work addresses both the geographic and social landscape of contemporary America.

participating artists:
jamie davis/ nyc
rachel owens/ nyc
matthew lusk/ nyc
ian davis/ nyc
caroline allison/ nashville
hunt clark/  knoxville
anne lindberg/ kansas city
rob lentz/ chicago
kevin bradley/ knoxville

I Thought Our Worlds were the Same references a lyric from a Hank Williams’ song in which he pines for a love who lives in a world of “vows that are broken” as opposed to his which is “honest and true”.  Implied in the song is a sense of hope that these two worlds will coalesce in the future.  Using that as a framework to think about the current political and economic situation in this country, this exhibition provides a multiplicity of views of “the American experience”.  Artists in this exhibition explore common themes of isolation, romance, legacy, and hope and do so using recycled mythologies, invented histories, and reality.

In conjunction with the exhibition, Amanda Griscom Little, will read from and discuss her forthcoming book, Power Trip: An Oil-Addict's Quest For a Clean Energy Future.  Little, an environmental journalist, has been published in the New York Times, Rolling Stone, and Vanity Fair and is a former columnist for Outside magazine, Grist.org, and Salon.org.  Amanda will be  discussing her latest book in Zeitgeist gallery on the evening of Thursday, April 2 from 6-8PM.


caroline allison 

March 21 through April 25, 2009