Hush the Static

Hush the Static is Justin Terry’s latest body of work and features lyrical abstract paintings which subtly reference ideas of temporality and mark the muted yet incessant flux of time.  Mr. Terry has been producing these works since 2007.

According to the artist, the stillness inherent to a painting is a contradiction to the incessant busyness that new media formats have brought to our culture.  His works evolve out of the process, harkening the squeegeed abstracts Gerhard Richter as well as the meditative spaces of Mark Rothko.  The works are made by dragging paint across a rigid support, lifting it off, and putting it back down.  Two pieces in the show have been on view at the Nashville International Airport since September, 2009.  Mr. Terry also cites musical sources such as Sonic Youth, The Raconteurs, and Miles Davis as being influential to his work.   Mr. Terry says, “(when looking at a painting) a type of seeing more akin to listening occurs.  The interplay of marks and color create a topography of resonance, a field in which the eye may roam.”

Justin Terry grew up in Nashville, TN and graduated from the University School of Nashville.  He recently completed a double Masters program at Pratt Institute (MS - Theory, Criticism, and History of Art, Design, and Architecture, and MFA - Fine Arts).  He currently resides in Brooklyn, NY.

March 4 through March 27, 2010