Alicia Henry titles her latest body of work Fragile and will present mixed media wall installations of wood and fabric layered together to give the sense of collected history and accumulated experience. Alicia references folk-art craft traditions and the sense of ritual inherent in African art to express isolation and interaction.

A common recurring image in my work is the human figure-the figure in isolation and the figure interacting with others. My current work explores these ideas through the theme of the paper doll and paper cutouts. I re-examine the social relationship these images have had in shaping the stereotypical and idealized figures in the media by reinventing the paper doll and depicting generalized figures representing what I hope is a broader vision of society (racial, gender, economic, and social levels), my goal is to make visible that which still often goes unseen.

Alicia holds a BFA from The School of Art Institute of Chicago, an MFA from Yale University, and did post graduate work at the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture. She is a Guggenheim and Ford Fellow and currently teaching at Nashville’s Fisk University.

January 6 through January 29, 2011