Archived Exhibitions

Art in Open Spaces: Emerging Artists

Beautillion Militaire 2000, LBJ, Portraits, and Commissions by Kurt Wagner

A Far Country: Crossing Borders II

zeitgeist on paper

New Works on Linen

A Cluttered Landscape

The High Window

Earth Fire Light

May and June at Zeitgeist

Unearthed Meaning

The Passport Series

Dialogues 4: Works on Paper


Dialogues 3: Sculpture

A Painting and Photography Dialogue at Crosland/Terrazzo

Dialogues 2: Photography

A Painting Dialogue at Crosland/Terrazzo

Dialogues 1: Painting

La Luz de Los Colores: Vanderbilt University Law School

Zeitgeist Gallery Print Portfolio 2008

Recent Work- Pinkney Herbert

New Work- John Geldersma

Recent Work

Field Guide: Vanderbilt University Law School

I Feel the Flowers Growing Over Me

Memory of Water

Art on the Edge featuring Megan Lightell and Jessica Marvin



Crossing Borders

undercurrent: Vanderbilt University Law School

Art on the Edge featuring John Folsom and Lain York

Pressing Pause

Trans-Locus Bandwidth

Identity and Environment

The Earliest Forms Haunt the Very Latest

Replacement Landscapes

New Works: Picaro

Muted Mirrors

Somewhere and Not Anywhere

Private Dialogue: Vanderbilt University Law School

Heading West

Bothersome Little Things


The Love/Death Thing


Yoga Tako Rewind

Visual Recordings: Vanderbilt University Law School

picture mechanics 06

Straight-line Ending

Wooden Vessels


Still Alive

Her Story

Tim Dooley, Jonathan Fenske, Rob Lentz


Angels, Demons, and Mortals

And What's More

Being Under Way

Les Petits Voyages

Open Gallery- Photography


Salient Point

The Cause



Empire Builders

A Score of Starck

Under My Skin


The Wheel's Still in Spin


Two Miles


Fields of Action

Art on the Edge

Switchyard IV

Magnetic North

Ahead of Ourselves

En Route

Rituals: A Benefit for the Elephant Sanctuary

Picture Mechanics

Memphis In Nashville

Out of Our Minds

Conversations with Ouattara

Fati Amor

Presence of Mind II

Switchyard III

The Artist's Table II

New Work from the Segment Series

By the Numbers

Light of the Luberon


Party Girl

Slices From the Image Stream


Switchyard II

Balancing Act

The Artist's Table I

The Correspondence Project

Zero Withheld

In the Valley of Men


Faux Fur


An Intimate Journey

Presence of Mind I

Fiery Gizzard

Little Games


Signs Following

Heavy Metal

New Artist Series: Introductions III