Zeitgeist Neighborhood Wedgewood/Houston Focus of Nashville Business Journal Article

Wedgewood/Houston is the focus of E.J. Boyer's new article in The Nashville Business Journal, "Where Art Lives: Neighborhood's Revival Fueling Nashville Arts Scene." You can read the whole article here.

Zeitgeist Gallery

Zeitgeist Gallery

Describing the old Mays Hosiery Mill, Boyer says, "Inside the building, quiet hallways still bear vestiges, like an outdated time-card punch, of the building’s former life. But behind closed doors, a creative class is bringing the building — and subsequently the neighborhood — back to life."

On Zeitgeist's move to the neighborhood she says, "Last summer, Zeitgeist moved to Wedgewood-Houston, bringing its followers and commercial presence to the community.

“We knew that we were going to have to move from 21st Avenue, and we looked at several areas,” said Lain York, the gallery’s director. “This seemed to be natural. … It made sense to Janice [Zeitlin, the owner,] to move the gallery closer to the studio community.”

York, a painter himself, has rented studio space in Wedgewood-Houston for 18 years.

“First and foremost, this community is about the studio space,” he said. “Us and David Lusk are just retail points. We hope to serve as a resource and provide education when we can. … The studio community is really the lifeblood of a visual art scene.”"

Core Development has a 7 acre project planned in the area, "Vice President of Development Andrew Beaird said it’s too early to know what the final development plan will look like, but said the company wants to preserve the neighborhood’s artisan and maker history.

“What we like about this neighborhood is the fact that there is a significant concentration of artisans, the music industry and a lot of people who are making and creating,” he said. “They need access to a raw space that they can customize.”"