Classes with Indeterminacies Guest Joo Won Park

Joo Won Park is offering special free classes at Fort Houston on Saturday, September 28.

Composing Soundscapes: 10:00-12:00. This class is for musicians, non-musicians, tech-savvy and luddite alike.  You will learn the fundamentals of composing music using sampled sound from the environment. Materials: Bring a recording device (portable recorder, phone, laptop, or what have you) and a playback device with good speakers. Leave your preconceptions at home.

Intro to Music Coding with SuperCollider: 1:00-3:00. In this workshop/demo, instructor Joo Won Park will go over the basics of coding sound with SuperCollider. SuperCollider is one of the most powerful and versatile sound synthesis freeware available for electronic music composers. It is a tool to understand fundamental digital signal processing techniques as well as a platform to experiment with new compositional and synthesis ideas. SuperCollider can be used to build interactive performance systems and generate algorithmic compositions. To get the maximum benefit from the workshop, please download SuperCollider at to your laptop. The program is available for PC, Mac, and Linux.  This class is for electronic musicians, sound artists, music-oriented programmers, and music technology enthusiasts.

Fort Houston is located around the corner from Zeitgeist at 500 Houston St in Nashville. Visit for more info.