Best of Nashville

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We are very proud to be included in the Nashville Scene's Best of Nashville 2013 list.

Best Curation: Patrick DeGuira at Zeitgeist

"The Medium’s Session was the first group show to christen Zeitgeist’s new location in the Wedgewood-Houston district, and its curator, Patrick DeGuira, played the part of an artistic alchemist, casting a spell on the space with his selection of works by Chris Roberson, Emily Clayton, Ron Lambert, Brent Stewart and more. Viewing the exhibit felt like gathering clues to a great mystical puzzle." Laura Hutson                                           

Best New Gallery Space: Zeitgeist

"Back in the day, Zeitgeist was located in Cummins Station in what used to be my favorite Nashville gallery space. But for the past 15 years, its home had been a cramped retail storefront in Hillsboro Village. With its stylish and spacious new digs in the Wedgewood-Houston neighborhood, Zeitgeist has reclaimed the title of best gallery space in the city." Joe Nolan                                            

Best Photography Installation: Vesna Pavlovic

Pavlovic's new Real Images installation at Seed Space realizes a similarly enveloping experience in a much more challenging environment. The gallery features four low walls with no ceiling, in the middle of artist Adrienne Outlaw's studio in the Chestnut Square building. The floor inside the space measures about 90 square feet — generously. "Display, Desire" showed in a Frist gallery about six times as big. Pavlovic's laudable negotiation of the comparatively tiny Seed Space speaks to her abilities as a creative problem solver, and Real Images is the best installation so far this year.