A New Home for Zeitgeist!

For those who know, the historic Chestnut Hill area has been one of the long time homes for the area visual art, recording studio, film, and theater communities. Along with Marathon Village, 5th Avenue South, and North Nashville locales, the area around the fairgrounds and the Chestnut Hosiery Mill has seen artists' studios, exhibition spaces, and networking hives.

Zeitgeist is very excited to make the move to the area along with artist-run initiatives like Fort Houston (formerly Brick Factory) and to have the opportunity to build on the tradition established by the hosiery mill artists and the Fugitive Art Center. The recent resurgence of the area has been greatly facilitated by other artist-run operations such as 3-Squared, SEED space, and Ground Floor gallery. The Houston Station event space, The Clean Plate Club, and our long time neighbors from Hillsboro Village, Cotton Music are helping to make the area an exciting new destination.

It is our hope to help attract more creative industry to the area including the culinary and couture communities. Look for big things from this area as Art Place America most recently ranked it in the top 50 Best Neighborhoods for Artists in the country.

May 2013